Cracks in the Great WallCracks in the Great Wall

UFOs and Traditional Metaphysics

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Can we really know what UFO’s are? The answer is “yes”—but only if we study them armed with a kind of knowledge that explains the true and complete structure of the universe—spiritual, psychic, and material—a knowledge that only traditional metaphysics can provide. Science can supply one piece of the puzzle, detective work and investigative reporting another, psychic investigation still another. But only metaphysics can put the puzzle together, and give us a complete and satisfying picture of the UFO phenomenon. Cracks in the Great Wall analyzes of the findings of UFO researcher Jacques Vallee and some of his colleagues in light of the teachings of French metaphysician René Guénon, particularly as expressed in his prophetic masterpiece The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times. According to Guénon, one of the signs of the End Times is the erosion of the energy barrier or “Great Wall” between the material plane and the world of subtle realities—which is why our world is presently being invaded by “infra-psychic forces” of a terribly destructive nature. The author shows how one of the most obvious examples of this invasion is the UFO phenomenon, including the experience of “alien abduction”. A lifetime student of comparative religion and mysticism, he explains the true nature of UFOs, the quality of the world they come from, and also something about the agenda these beings, or some of them, are trying to impose upon our world.  If you want to remain merely mystified or fascinated by the UFO phenomenon, this book is not for you. But if you want to understand it, Cracks in the Great Wall will give you the conceptual tools you need. With the help of UFOlogists Jacques Vallee and John E. Mack, Christian writers C.S. Lewis and Seraphim Rose, Kaballah authority Leo Schaya, and traditionalist writers René Guénon and Whitall Perry, Charles Upton has provided the most comprehensive explanation of the UFO phenomenon yet written. It is difficult to be objective in areas outside our collective view of reality—but if, as the author contends, his argument is based on sound principles, it deserves serious consideration by all who are interested in the UFO phenomenon and its effect on our world.