System of AntichristThe System of Antichrist:

Truth and Falsehood in Postmodernism and the New Age

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The System of Antichrist, published in 2001, remains in some ways Charles Upton’s magnum opus, since it announced many of the themes he picked up in later books during his prolific 2001-2015 publishing drive (which may not be over yet). It is essentially two books intertwined: First, a detailed analysis and refutation of many (not all) of the doctrines of the New Age movement from the standpoint of the Perennial Philosophy; secondly, a tour-de-force in comparative eschatology, presenting and comparing end-time prophesies from eight different religious traditions, viewed primarily through the lens of the “esoteric eschatology” of René Guénon’s The Reign of Quantity and the Signs of the Times. The following Table of Contents describes it best:

PART I: Tradition vs. the New Age

Chapter One: Postmodernism, Globalism and the New Age
Chapter Two: Who are the Traditionalists?                    
Chapter Three: What is the New Age?
1) A Short History of the ‘Spiritual Revolution’ and the New Age
2) The Dangers of the Occult
3) New Age Doctrines Refuted
Chapter Four: New Age Authorities: A Divided House
1) The Fallacy of the Psychic Absolute: Truth and Deception in
the Seth Material
2) The Postmodern Traveler: Don Carlos Castaneda
3) Transcendence without Immanence: The Neo-Gnosticism of A
Course in Miracles
4) The Celestine Prophesy:   A Pre-Columbian Singles Culture
5) Having It vs. Eating It: The Entrepreneurial Hinduism of Deepak

PART II:  Spiritual Warfare

Chapter Five: The Shadows of God
Chapter Six: The War against Love
Chapter Seven: The UFO Phenomenon: A Postmodern Demonology
Chapter Eight: Vigilance at the Eleventh Hour: A Critique of The Only Tradition by William W. Quinn
Chapter Nine: Comparative Eschatology
Chapter Ten: Facing Apocalypse