On Sexual Harassment; on Trigenderism

The unprecedented Liberal campaign against sexual harassment that is going on in the United States today is a clear sign that Liberalism is on its last legs. It was Liberalism that took as one of its central principles the idea that no form of sexual expression (except pedophilia) is sinful or pathological—that, as Freud believed, the only sexual sin is sexual repression. It was Liberalism that legalized pornography and made it universally available. And it was Liberalism that reduced the whole spectrum of erotic attraction between the sexes to physical sex alone by declaring the ethos of Romance to be dead. But now, with exquisite irony, it is precisely Liberalism that is in the process of criminalizing not only rape and true sexual harassment, but also calling into question every form of “flirting”, courtship, and sexual communication between men and women outside marriage. Of course the important distinction is made between consensual and non-consensual sex in action, speech or gesture—but if no sex act is intrinsically immoral, if all sexual repression is pathological, if the objectifying and dehumanizing of sexuality in the context of pornography is entirely acceptable, if the romantic dance between the sexes is now a thing of the past, then what happens to the distinction between consensual and non-consensual sex? It is at the very least put under immense pressure and rendered contradictory and ambiguous. If sexual morality is seen as old-fashioned and repressive, then nothing remains but sexual selfishness and brutality. The upshot is that Liberalism, which is in the process of outlawing the public expression of Christianity, is, in effect, simultaneously re-establishing the equivalent Christian sexual morality by defining more and more forms of sexual expression outside marriage as inherently sinful. An ethos wracked and buffeted by this degree of self-contradiction is obviously not long for this world.

California has now officially recognized three genders, thus proving that it is not really possible to change a man into a woman or a woman into a man, otherwise there would still be only two.